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If you need a break from bustling Sydney, then a visit to the Blue Mountains could be right up your alley. Located just a 90-minute drive from Sydney (and also accessible by public transport), the Blue Mountains encompasses a gorgeous mountain range and its surrounding areas. 

Blue skies, greenery, and with lots of fun activities, a visit to the Blue Mountains will rejuvenate you. While you can see some of the top Blue Mountains attractions in one day, it would be even better if you can dedicate more time to this stunning region. 

Here are our recommendations for the best things to do in Blue Mountains!

21 Best Things to Do in Blue Mountains

Check out the Iconic Three Sisters

If you think of the Blue Mountains, chances are the image of the iconic Three Sisters will come to mind. It’s one of the top Blue Mountains attractions, and while some may say it’s overrated, we say that it’s definitely still worth a visit. 

This distinctive rock formation has special significance to the Aboriginal people, and each rock point has a name. The Three Sisters are visible from many points along the clifftop walkway near Echo Point so you can’t miss it if you’re in the area. If it’s crowded at Echo Point, don’t ve afraid to walk a bit and find a more quiet spot where you can take in this natural wonder. 

While climbing the rocks is prohibited, you can take a short walk to the formation where you’ll get up close to the first rock formation. It’s well worth it to get a different vantage point of it!

The Three Sisters are an easy 30-minute walk from Katoomba station or you can take the local 686 bus. If you’re driving, there are (paid) parking lots nearby. 

Take on the Giant Stairway

Up for a bit of an adventure? Then here’s one of our top Blue Mountains activities; going down (and up) the Giant Stairway. 

The Giant Stairway in Blue Mountains sounds exactly like what its name suggests: it’s a giant stairway that’s built into the cliffs. Dating back to 1909, this 4.7km walk (each way) which starts at Echo Point is fairly easy… but be prepared for how steep it is! (Don’t worry, there are handrails.)

The 800 steps will take you down into the Jamison Valley, affording you some awesome views of the area as you traverse the Giant Staircase. 

Good news: if the idea of going up the Giant Staircase sounds daunting, you can take the Scenic Railway back up to Echo Point. The station is right at the endpoint of the Giant Staircase. (Phew!) 

Marvel at the Views from Scenic World 

For gorgeous views of the Blue Mountains, Scenic World is one of the best Blue Mountains attractions. Yes, it is touristy… but it’s still a pretty lovely experience! This is a great option if you’re traveling as a family, have mobility issues, or are short on time during your Blue Mountains visit. 

A Scenic World Pass will give you access to everything it has to offer which includes 3 unique rides (Scenic Skyway, Scenic Railway, Cable Car) and a rainforest boardwalk. You can also get individual tickets if you only want to experience one part of Scenic World. 

If you only want to do one ride, we’d suggest either the Scenic Skyway which will give you a 360-degree view of the area or the Scenic Railway which is the steepest railway in the world. 

Have an Abseiling or Canyoning Adventure

As a nature paradise, it’s unsurprisingly that outdoor adventures are some of the best Blue Mountains activities you can do. 

You may think that you need experience and gear to experience the outdoors in the Blue Mountains but it’s totally possible to have an unforgettable adventure even if you’re a beginner. You can opt for an abseiling or canyoning adventure where, with the guidance of experienced guides, you’ll participate in some outdoor fun. 

The first time I visited the Blue Mountains, I did an abseiling session and it was absolutely amazing. It’s so much fun, you get a bit more up close with nature, and you’ll have tons of cool photos and videos to share with your friends!

prince henry cliff walk | blue mountains

Do the Prince Henry Cliff Walk

Want to discover the beauty of the Blue Mountains under the power of your own two feet? Put on your hiking shoes and head to the Prince Henry Cliff Walk. 

This beautiful cliffside walk begins at the top of Katoomba Falls and the full walk (which about 3 to 4 hours one-way ) will take you to Leura. Whether you decide to go the whole way or only part of it before turning back, the Prince Henry Cliff Walk is a lovely way to experience the Blue Mountains. 

The walk itself is quite level, with only some stairs, and so it’s a suitably easy walk for all ages and capabilities. 

If you have some time to spare, you should definitely consider adding this Blue Mountains activity to your list. 

Enjoy a Spectacular Sunset at Echo Point 

Echo Point in Katoomba is probably one of the most visited spots in the Blue Mountains. As mentioned above, this is an awesome vantage point to spot the Three Sisters. It’s also the starting point for several walks as well as an access point for Scenic World. 

Depending on what time you’re visiting, it can be quite crowded thanks to the busloads of tourists that are often dropped off here. Despite its popularity, it still is a stunning place, with one of the best views of the Blue Mountains. 

Sunset at Echo Point is especially magical as the sun dips over the horizon. If the main area is full of people, you can always walk a bit further away to find a quiet spot to take in the sights. 

Wander the Streets of Katoomba

It’s almost inevitable that you’ll end up in Katoomba at some point in your visit to the Blue Mountains. The largest town in Blue Mountains, Katoomba exudes a warm, laid-back vibe. 

The origin of the town goes back to 1879, when a coal mine opened in the mountain near Orphan Rock and a cable car was installed. It soon became a tourist destination, a title that it still holds today. 

The town has a bit of a quaint feel, with old buildings, quirky stores, and cool cafes and restaurants. You also can’t miss the street art that adorns the walls here — head to the end of Beverly Place to access the Street Art Walk and snap some IG-worthy pics!

Explore the Towns in and around the Blue Mountains

Katoomba isn’t the only town in the Blue Mountains that’s worth visiting. If you’re driving to the Blue Mountains, consider doing a little roadtrip through the towns and villages in the area. They each have their own charm and character. 

Here are some places you should visit in the Blue Mountains:

  • Leura – Located just a 5-minute drive from Katoomba, Leura is a welcoming village with a creative vibe. With quaint little stores, tons of crafts, and lovely restaurants and cafes, this is a relaxed place to spend some time in the Blue Mountains. 
  • Blackheath – About 10-minutes from Katoomba, Blackheath offers charming lookouts and walks as well as points of interest in the town itself. Popular lookouts include Govett’s Leap, Evans Lookout and Pulpit Rock. It’s also home to the Victory Theatre Antique Market and the Rhododendron Garden. 
  • Wentworth Falls – With a laidback feel and gorgeous views, Wentworth Falls is worth a visit. Relax at one of the many cafes, take in the view at Kings Tableland Lookout, or take on the National Pass walk that begins here. 

Visit the Best Lookouts in Blue Mountains 

You definitely cannot miss out on the absolutely stunning views here so your best bet is to visit one (or more!) of the many lookouts to capture the best of the Blue Mountains. 

Here are some of the best lookouts in Blue Mountains, sorted by town/village, so that you can get to one no matter where you are:

  • Katoomba – Echo Point, Cahill’s Lookout, Narrow Neck Lookout
  • Leura – Sublime Point, Gordon Falls Lookout, Elysian Rock Lookout
  • Blackheath – Govetts Leap, Pulpit Rock, Evans Lookout 
  • Wentworth Falls – Rocket Point Lookout, Lincoln Rock, Jamison Lookout
  • Mount Victoria – Sunset Rock lookout

Most of these lookouts are easily accessible if you have a drive, but if you’re traveling without one, you can get to some of them by bus or on your own two feet. 

Hike the National Pass

Hiking or walking is undoubtedly one of the best activities in the Blue Mountains, and we think that the National Pass is one of the best options, if you’re up for an adventure.

Built into a cliff, the National Pass offers gorgeous views, access to lookouts and waterfalls, and an opportunity to get closer to the beauty of this area. This 4.5km loop takes about 3 to 4 hours and the starting point is the Wentworth Falls picnic area. 

I’ve done this walk myself and I think it’s absolutely worth the effort, and it remains one of my favourite things to do in the Blue Mountains. 

For more information on the National Pass, click here

Go Rock Climbing in Blue Mountains

Whether you’re trying it for the first time or you’re experienced, rock climbing in the Blue Mountains is one of the best activities in the Blue Mountains. You won’t be surprised to learn that this area is home to tons of climbing routes, making it a haven for experienced climbers looking for new experiences. 

But even if you’re new to it, I guarantee that rock climbing here will give you a taste of why so many people are in love with this sport. 

There are a few companies in the area that run rock climbing activities and my personal recommendation is the Australian School of Mountaineering which is based in Katoomba. I’ve done their 4-day rock climbing package and it was an absolutely amazing experience. Climbing the multi-pitch Sweet Dreams is one of my top memories of the Blue Mountains!

Learn More About the Area at the Blue Mountains Cultural Centre

If culture and art are more of your jam (or if you need an indoor option when the weather’s bad), head to the Blue Mountains Cultural Centre. Located in Katoomba, this is the place to be to take in some art and learn more about the cultural traditions here. 

Wander around the exhibitions, take part in a workshop, or browse for unique gifts in their shop. Here’s always something interesting going on here and a visit here will give you an insight into another facet of the Blue Mountains and its community. 

Learn more about the centre here

Check out Katoomba Falls

While in Katoomba, something that’s worth doing is checking out Katoomba Falls which is said to be one of the prettiest ones in the area. Bonus: they’re not too hard to get to!

The falls are especially impressive after there’s been heavy rain but even in dry weather, it’s a lovely sight. 

The 2km trail begins from Scenic World, and only has a few steep portions. For a shorter walk, start from Katoomba Falls Kiosk. We suggest first admiring Katoomba Falls from the top, by a walk down to see the dramatic sight of the segmented waterfalls. The ‘middle falls’ will get you the closest to the waterfall. 

Visit the Leura Cascades 

Less dramatic but not less beautiful, the Leura Cascades should be one of the places in Blue Mountains you visit… especially if you’re already in the area. 

Set in a scenic area, there are loads of walking trails around so it’s a good spot for some exploring. It’s only a short 30-minute walk from the Leura Cascades picnic area or you can also get here from the Prince Henry Cliff walk. 

A visit to the Leura Cascades is a great simple way to get closer to nature here. 

Explore the Narrow Neck Peninsula

This ridge, which separates the Jamison Valley and the Megalong Valley is a hotspot for various activities such as abseiling, climbing, and mountain biking but you can also explore its wonders on foot. 

You can choose from various walking trails and lookouts. One highly recommended option is the Ruined Castle route which is one of the best easy walks in the area. This 8km walk takes about 4 hours to complete and the view from the top of the Ruined Castle is worth the walk! 

Hop On and Off the Blue Mountains Explorer Bus 

Prefer a simple, hassle-free way to get around the sights and attractions in Blue Mountains? Then the Blue Mountains Explorer Bus is the way to go! 

This hop-on-hop-off winds through 29 stops in Katoomba and Leura, providing you with an easy way to explore the main attractions, waterfalls, lookouts, and more. What’s more, if you’re staying for more than one day, you can validate your bus ticket for up to 3 days – at no extra charge. 

Now that’s a great deal!

Relax at the Blue Mountains Botanic Gardens in Mt Tomah

Located in Mt Tomah, the Blue Mountains Botanic Gardens is actually situated in the UNESCO World Heritage Site, making it the only botanic gardens in the world to have this honour. 

Taking up over 250 hectares, the Botanic Gardens are filled with both foreign and indigenous flora and fauna. It’s a relaxing place to visit, regardless of whether you’re interested in botany or not. There are often staff-run events and guided walks that can offer more insight into the natural wonders in the gardens. 

The Botanic Gardens are about a 30-minute drive from Blackheath or you can take the shuttle from Katoomba. 

See the Massive Teapot Collection at the Bygone Beautys

For something a little bit offbeat, here’s a unique thing to do in the Blue Mountains. Bygone Beautys in Leura has an enviable collection of teaware, including over 5,000 teapots! On display, you’ll find an astounding variety of teaware ranging from the elegant to the absurd to the rare. 

The museum admission fee is redeemable in the store or tearoom so once you’re done marveling at the teapots, take a breather and enjoy a tea break before you continue on with your day. Go for a traditional high tea or a Devonshire tea, whichever strikes your fancy. 

wine tasting in blue mountains

Sample Some Wines at Megalong Creek Estate

If wine is your preferred drink, head to the Megalong Creek Estate. This family-run vineyard in the Megalong Valley offers ‘Single Vineyard’ wines. 

For a chill afternoon, check out their wine tasting package which includes a bottle of wine for you to take home. Beautiful views, a laidback atmosphere, plus wine and nibbles – what could be better? 

Get a Taste of History in Red Hands Cave

Located in Glenbrook in the lower mountains, Red Hands Cave, as its name might suggest, is home to drawings of hands which are said to be done by the Drauk people 500 to 1,000 years ago. 

The cave itself is of significance to Aboriginal people as an initiation site. It’s accessible by a medium-difficulty walking trail that offers opportunities for birdwatching and picnicking. This track is said to be have been used by Aboriginal people for thousands of years!

Marvel at the Jenolan Caves

The Jenolan Caves are some of the oldest limestone caves in the world, and they’re absolutely worth a little detour if you have more time to explore the Blue Mountains. 

With 9 caves open to visitors, the biggest concern you’ll have is trying to choose which cave to see! Lucas Cave is the biggest one and definitely has the wow factor. But if you choose to stay overnight at the on-site hotel, I’d highly recommend taking a night tour of the caves which completely changes the experience. 

For something a bit more active, they also offer a 2-hour Adventure Caving option which is just amazing. I did this and it was super fun traversing the caves and squeezing through tight crevices!

How to Get to Blue Mountains from Sydney 

If you have a car, driving to the Blue Mountains is a great option as it gives you the freedom to explore the area. It’s an easy 90-minute drive from Sydney to Katoomba or Leura. Signs are plentiful and you should be able to find your way easily. 

You can still easily get to the Blue Mountains by rail. The journey from Sydney to Katoomba takes about 2 hours. Just check Transport for NSW for train times. 

Tours to Blue Mountains

A small group or private tour to the Blue Mountains can be a great way to visit, especially if you’re short on time and prefer to sit back and relax for the day without worrying about travel details. 

Here are some Blue Mountains tours:

  • All-Inclusive Small Group TourThis all-inclusive small group tour offers a full day of fun. You’ll arrive in Katoomba where you can explore and experience Scenic World. After lunch and some free time in Leura, you’ll stop at Featherdale Wildlife Park where you’ll see kangaroos and koalas. The day ends with a ferry back to Sydney along the Parramatta River!
  • Blue Mountains Afternoon and Sunset Tour – It is a great option if you want a tour from Sydney that is completely focused on the Blue Mountains. Explore lookouts, do some walking, and end the day with a sunset here!
  • 4WD Adventure Tour with Local Guide – This 4WD tour will add a zing of adventure to your day as you discover the marvels of the Blue Mountains and learn more about wildlife and flora and fauna here. 

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